30 Jun 2005

Computer Club meeting minutes for 6/16/05 7 attended: Eric, Chris, Joe W., Miles, Tim, Ed., and Isaac

Meeting started @ 7:07PM
1) Misc.
Melissa will be returning the bottles and it will be used to fund Joe G.’s return party.
Joe W. still plans to have the new site completed by the end of summer.
The new font style for the new banner will be used as the new logo for T-shirts.
It has been suggested to get the old Minutes Archive in the new site.
A weekend in August is when we need to plan to clean and organize the office.
We need to do either before Aug. 6th without Eric, or after without Tim and aid of his father.
Eric still may be able to make it.
July 23 and 24th may be the weekend we clean the office.
Tim, Isaac, Miles, Joe W., Ed, and Eric shall be there specifically.
We will have a vote for Melissa as VP of catering. And we neet to ammend and modernize the constitution.
Ed will be browsing through the RSO rules and Constitution for revision.
none were opposed, and the vote was sustained.
Officers received an e-mail who wanted a project to be proposed to the CC. However noone is available at the moment for Volunteer functions and we’ll will be forwarding him to the CS department for the 490 classes or offer contracting to the individual.

2) Plan A summary
Attendance was lower than desired.
However was a success due to breaking even in payments.
Sponship went well and made good relationships.
PLAN 4 needs to be researched for conflicts, proposed date is Nov. 5th and 6th.
PLAN 4 will be another 2 day event.
We do not appear to be competing with Psychorage or Boxheads.
Joe W. Suggests posting info about PLAN 4 now.
Parkview will be open til’ 12am during the fall, however may not have unlocked doors.
by next weeks meeting we should have rooms and events approved.

3) Bronco Bash
Melissa suggests making a collage of photos for display.
We need to get in touch with the office of student life.
We need someone to stop by to get information from Faunce.
Miles volunteered to go.
Need to ask about vendoring. specifically selling Unique products.
Bronco Bash will be mon. Aug 28th? Not certain.
We shall be advertising PLAN 4 and HAM classes. Hopefully Tech. and General classes.

Meeting Ajourned @ 7:39PM