29 Sep 2005

Computer Club meeting minutes for 09/22/05
8 attended: Joe G, Chris, Greg, Miles, Craig, Ed, Matt, and Brian.
Meeting Started at: 6:05PM
There has been complaints that the widr stream is too quiet, so we attempted to adjust the volume.
It appears to be fine now.

someone needs to update the ban of spam in the mailing lists.
Miles protraid ASCII Banner.

People are tangenting again!!!
and pleanty teaching of noobs.
We discovered mepis doesn’t default install alot of apps it should such as vim and emacs, and installs banner which is pointless.
Where’s Brian!?

The Fryer is on it’s way for the next LAN!
The CS department is removing C++ for C#.

Appearntly Matt is completely new to linux…
So we’ve been tangenting alot to teach him, ‘things’.
brian arrived.
All sponsors are applied for except gamerz stuff, who’ll we will contact a month before as they requested, and we are listed on most LAN part sites.
PLAN 4 will run pretty smooth this time it appears.

Meeting ajourned: 6:47PM