10 Nov 2005

Minutes for the Computer Club of Western Michigan University. 11-10-05
Members attending: Matt R., Joe W, Miles, Joe G., Jason and Craige.
Time started: 6:21PM
We have finalized the rest of the Presentation schedule. Joe W. will have a presentation next week on Open GL. Two week following thanksgiving we will be having a presentation on Open Questionaire.

We still owe Joe G. Money for the phone bill, and Craig money for the Bawls.
Brian is thinking of having a one day LAN 12PM-4AM
more tacos.
Needless rambling, idividuals are going on about their classes.
Yakko has been updated. (updated hard ware, etc.)
Joe W. Wants the firewall swapped already so we can get a VPN to the office up.
The computer club office now has 2 machines. One machine is a NAT firewall, the other machine is designated for more pratical uses.
The NAT has dual displays and processors. The pratical machine contains a Geforece 4MX 420, and has a sound card routed into an old stereo with house speakers on shelves.
This was done to promote use of the office, and make the office a more comfortable environment for office hours.
Soon we’d like to NAT the office to YAKKO so we can have share mounted remotely using NFS.
Time Ajourned: 6:58PM