12 Jan 2006

Computer Club Meeting Minutes for 1/12/06
8 Members present: Joe G., Zane, Miles, Joe W, Velex, Matt R, Chris, and Isaac

began appr. 6PM
We are being forced to move, again! So we will be denoting next week’s meeting will be a move meeting.
We are currently unsure where we have to move, we will know then.
Plan 5’s date will have to be move, we are having a conflict with Marmelade dog. Plan 5 will possibly be March 11th and 12th.
Jan 26th we will be having a linux install/improvement party.
WIDR is back up.

Other presentation ideas:

  • Wireless security (or lack their of)
  • OpenGL vs. Direct3D
  • 3D game engine
  • AJAX (server)
  • AJAX (client)
  • What language should I learn next
  • Mono
  • Beer brewing

    Presentation plan:
    1/26 Install/improvement party
    2/2 Ajax
    2/9 Ajax
    2/16 What language
    2/23 Wireless security

    6) Adjourned at 6:59.
    The Roadhouse awaits us, with beer and wings.