19 Jan 2006

Computer Club Meeting Minutes for 1/12/06
12 Members present: Joe G., Miles, Joe W, Velex, Eric, Melissa, Chad, Nik, Brian, Craig, Greg and Isaac

meeting started 6:34

Official voting for new constitution:
6 paid student members voting:
Everyone has read and agreed to understanding the new constitution.
6/6 members voted officially for the new constitution.

Everyone is esstatic on the new office. Everyone was happy to have the new larger office. The office is room 2244.
We are trying to figure out what we shall do with the room. The move went well, and we have now an open LAN and student lounge.
Next week is the Linux Install party.
2/2 Ajax, Velex.
2/9 Ajax, Velex.
2/16 What language do you use? Eric
2/23 Wireless security, Chris
3/9 Ruby on Rails

WIDR is up and happy, No one is allowed to touch it.

LAN Party info:
We still haven’t heard from the dean for the next LAN, that will hopefully be March 11th.
We need to get ahold of maintenance to move the screen. This will be adquete for presentations.
‘so… we need more posters’~Joe G.
Everyone is being pessimistic about the room, however we need to not be. We have been informed the room is actually ours in entirity.
PhorceP has stated we should vote for ordering a new fridge.
I have stated that we should vote for ordering a new projector.

Adjourned at 6:59.
The Roadhouse awaits us, with beer and wings.