09 Mar 2006

Computer Club Meeting Minutes for 02/23/06
9 Members present: Joe G., Joe W, Velex, Sue, Brian, Ben, Miles, Matt, and Greg.

Meeting started at 6:25p
Craig will be getting the bawls for the LAN.
10a Saturday is the setup time.
Friday night we will need to have people there to take things over to the LAN.
random discussion on how to face tables. Lots of hand gestures, can’t decribe.
Anyone who wats to help on Saturday and hunt down Joe G., he’l be able to point you in a direction.
Supplies from our sponsors have come in.
We are currently unsure of tournaments, due to the wide interest in the PLAN and games.
We have 49 people registered for the PLAN now.
Tentively we do have Matt for the beer creation presentation.
For April 13th.
Sun 4a (night of Saturday) we will have clean up and bringing things back to the building.
Firewall for the LAN party is up and ready to go! Let’s do this!
Space Cats will be available for the PLAN, it’s a home brewed game being presented for it’s first time at the PLAN.
Time for presentation is tentative.

Adjourned at 6:42p, no meetig or office hours next week.
Gallaghers awaits us, with beer and wings.