15 Mar 2006

Minutes of the Computer club of Western Michigan University

7 members attending: Joe G., Joe W., Adam, Craig, Miles, Brian, Greg, and Tim.
Minutes started at 6:20p

in 2 weeks we will be doing nominations.
Please show up.. or as we stated, ‘you will be voted into a position’
We have two laptops here that are not working that were brought in by Eric

LAN party stuff:
March 30th is the dead line for setting dates for the next PLAN B
This LAN party went well, Tim is currently working on counting how much we made from this years PLAN.
$651 in receipts
We currently do not owe anyone any money, which is good.

Thanks to the PLAN we are restocked. Now we have things to sell during the presentation and office hours.
We now also have a price list to avoid any confusion.


Minutes closed at 6:50p