23 Mar 2006

Computer Club Meeting Minutes for 03/23/06
7 Members present: Joe G., Joe W, Velex, Tim, Brian, Dan, and Miles.

Meeting started at 6:09p
Joe W. Made homemade tortilla’s.
Next week will be nominations!! Be here or miss out!
Joe W. announced that the mysql interface is horrible unsecure. It used no encryption at all. Brian reconfigured it to work with https only.
Garbage needed to be taken out, Miles Swap trash cans and considered it done.
Focus on security 2 will be swapped with the beer creation presentation.
march 30th will be: “Focus on security 1” by Tim.
april 6th will be: “Creation of beer”
april 13th will be: “Focus on security 2” by Brian.
We almost have a working laptop out of the two abandoned ones in our office.
When was the last time anyone talked to Ed??? We still kinda need the hard ware for new brain.
We also need a treasury report.
We currently have a balance of $877 in the account. That is the grand total after the PLAN, and shall be considered the official tresury report.
We apologize about the situation with the school servers that were malfunctioning during the LAN. We will also announce this on official LAN forums.
Adjourned at 6:30p, no meetig or office hours next week.
Gallaghers awaits us, with beer and wings.