18 May 2006

Computer Club Meeting Minutes for 5/18/06
6 Members present: Matt, Miles, Joe W, Velex, Chris, and Tim

began appr. 6:33PM
We need more bawls for PLAN B, we will probably work with the box heads to get more.
Brian has a possible phone number for bilbos (new).
we had to resetup the network, new IP registration.
We need to plan a visit for Sams Club.
We need office hours posted to do some vending.
Brian has the crazy idea of creating a ‘creative’ vending machine.
Crickets are chirping.
Brian starts playing with the parking meter.
Tim asked if we should play with business ideas.
Brian suggested a VOIP messaging center.
Ideas were tossed around.
Joe W. stated setting up wireless AP internet services.
Tim M. Stated setting up WLAN services for small business’
beer? vote for beer. 5 out of 5 voting.
We all agree to leave for food and beer.
checked the WIDR stream, everything appears okay.
` meeting ajourned at 6:53pm