25 May 2006

Computer Club Meeting Minutes for 5/18/06
5 Members present: Miles, Joe W, Velex, Chris, and Tim

began appr. 6:23PM
Members attending were wrong for last weeks minutes, We fixed that.
and thus the talk about meta-physa-power-sleepa-something going on.
Moving on, We need a couch in the office.
Tim takes a telephone break…
Joe W. Mentions making a crazy make shift one.
Tim asked his mom to look out for one garage selling
We still have not gotten the cards for the bank account.
Oops I keep forgetting to grab them.
Velex sets her alarm in case.
Planning for PLAN B may need to hold off until Brian returns.
However Tim may talk with the Dean.
Joe W. Found a GFS discount card.
Tim wants to make a Sams Club run.
ideas of what we should get:

  • cotton candy
  • more pop
  • lots of chips
  • water
  • Bawls (matt r.)
  • Frozen foods
  • Ice cream
  • Frozen burritos
    We’ve decided the time frame will be 12am-12pm
    Tim suggests scheduling an office cleaning party
    Tim wants to add ‘pizza’ to the list.
    Miles designates the black cabinet next to the kitchen the geekout cabinet.

    meeting ajourned at 6:44pm