08 Feb 2007

6:09 – Call to order

Thanks to Carl for delivery of 26 computers. Horray! Clustertastic!

  • lets build a cluster
  • cclub will send official note of thanks

Status report on PLAN 7

  • webpage/advertise
    • paypal ready
    • other stuff done
    • flyers! get on it… you!
    • need info from Brian about Western Herald/Miller Movie
    • WIDR?
  • servers
    • waiting to hear from Horton (208 servers)
    • some cclub members installing stuff on their own computers
  • Sponsors
    • emailed bawls, nvidia, alienware
    • waiting for info on caseace
    • more sponsors?

Geekout saturday (UNTITLED CLUSTER PROJECT) – 12:30?

  • CHAOS linux distro
  • Master server using Ubuntu?

Andrew Drewboaskiejs?

  • no longer running WIDR stream through yakko


  • do more?
  • do some!
  • cluster?
  • dan says something about more presentations
  • html-ish stuff
  • podcasting presentation!
  • presentation schedule

Yakko homepage

  • fixy fixy?
  • nah!
  • i guess we should
  • put we have been around for 30 years

need more Office Hours

networking/computer stuff… advertise as lab

  • set times when people can use it

regular flyer about cclub

  • talks baout lab comps
  • and general info

Sean needs to check out his key, silly!
treasurer stuff in mailbox @ parkview?

“We have a lot of shit to get done.”

end – 6:48 pm