15 Feb 2007

Meeting Started:6:11
Members Attended:greg, matt, tim, eric, carl, craig, cameron, dan, sean, chris, adam, mark, adam, joe w

Cluster: throw out openmosix, trying MPICH

thankyou note written and to be given

PLAN: flyers (need to be done)
servers: we can use them for this semester (may have issues in the future)
paypal works.

greg and eric have agreed to configure the servers for the plan

We still need to get sponers

need to make a trip to buy pop and take back cans

We now have Old yakko back in the office.

Presentations: ???

office hours: tuesday morning 9-11am (sean)

flyers about the CC should be done soon.

Dr. nelson asked for some of the cc members to talk about the club and recruit.

yakko membership page is fixed. (has to be a renewal only)

Greg, says aquestrian club wants a free webpage done. charge for hosting?

tim starts crying
tim just wants to talk…..

Meeting ajourned at 6:34pm