22 Feb 2007

Meeting 6.09
Members Present: mstaff, whitehat, rebel, legistrate, rancor, carl, scaster, cameron, sue, tim, dan, gizmo

cameron wants v-lan scripts, we’re not sure where are

we need to talk to some guy about writing a new vlan script to remove the 500k speed cap.

we need a list+run to sams club

advertise to local computeryish places about the PLAN

miller movie?

mail/dns is gonna be broken for a couple days over spring break.

craig is leaving, i guess we’re gettinga couch. We’d give up the couch for him anyday, though.

something about keys

whitehat hates us

party for craig next week

RAM from kzoo linux group?

tim wants some speakers (people)
and computer club week