12 Apr 2007

Meeting Started: 6:23pm
Members Attended:Tim, Susan, Zak, Mark, Dan, Sean, Cameron, Anthony, Greg, Eric, Carl, Adam, Matt, Chris, and 1 guests

Voting for Fall Positions:
New President - Chris Dan
New Vice President - Greg
New Secretary - Matt
New VP of Operations - Eric
New Treasurer - Cameron
New VP of Finance - Sean

Window was left open in club, and cluster received water damage. Caution warned for opening of windows in the future with respect to possible expected weather conditions, etc.

Accounting materials found for low low prices, club urged to act now.

VoiP discussed again, but with current academic atmosphere, progress may be halted with respect to available help.

T-Shirt Designs Discussed
Multiple screens cost more.

PLAN 8 and Tech week combo planned for October

Computer Club Members that will be in Kalamazoo in summer:
Adam :S1+S2
Eric :S1+S2
Matt :S1+S2
Greg :S1+S2
Zak :S1+S2
Sean :S1+S2
Tim :S1+S2
Dan :S2

Meeting adjourned at 7:02pm