30 Aug 2007

Meeting Started: 6:00pm

Members: Tim, Dan, Mstaff, Windows, Rancor, Rashad, Greg, Carl, Zack, Me, Phorce

Dan: “We’re going to actually have real meetings now.”

Bronco Bash-
Most stuff is together. Need to check on Vinyl. New spot is by Everett. What are we going to take to Bronco Bash?

Setting up next Friday. We will have the stuff mailed to us. Someone should check the mail.

Wall of Sheep?
Network Visualizer?
Bring projector?
Bring Runt?
Take TV.
Flyer - C4 and mstaff.
Payphone Sign
Cisco Lab

Gregg is cackling.

Third person goggles in first person. “Third person, real life”

Tmiley shows up. :(

Dan has a presentation schedule.

Whereis whitehat? (He’s getting married… <h4>HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!</h4>)


Carl is having a problem with DSL.
Mstaff and C4 are going to do a presentation on Networking. Windows can help if he wants to.

Plan for Bronco Bash?

How to get more members?

(KLE Meeting on Saturday)

Facebook Applications -
Hookup on Yakko

DEFCON Presentation or something.

Play some videos or something.

Talk about PLAN

Yakko naming convention.

Google Hacking.

Other Universities Computer Club.
projector falls on dan!!!!!!!1!!!11one

need to reorganize the office and clean up.
we are going to mount the projector in the roof

I nominate Rancor as default pop can taker backer.

Creative Commons License for our presentations.

12:00 Noon Sunday - Cleaning the office.

Meeting Adjourned:::::::::::::::::::::::: 7:12pm