06 Sep 2007

Members Present: Cameron, Ed, Rancor, Gregerg, Mstaff, C4, Whitehat, Zak, Dan arrived late, PhorceP arrived even later, Tmiley arrived after him, legistrate about 40 minutes late, hassan2 came about an hour late, windows showed up about 70 minutes late.

Special Guests: Dr. Nelson, Dwight, two of legistrates friends

CS Department wants us to give a demonstration in a comp lab at parkview sometime in september. Maybe warsow? Dual Monitor Ubuntu box? Quad Monitor? October 6th, not September, I apologize.

we’re making a shopping list for stuff, most people want stuff that will make them obese within the year.

Greg wants to put bawls in peoples’ faces, dan seemed to show interest in the past with related activities.

Projector screen looks good in the new spot, some people think its going to fall, others don’t.


It might rain tomorrow at bronco bash, we need to make sure our stuff doesn’t get wet while we’re out there. We should be able to daisy chain to Wood Hall for power, hopefully we don’t get electrocuted.

Cameron is going to take home the mayo thats been sitting in the fridge for quite a while.

dan supports communism/facism

[20 minutes of useless arguing that isn’t getting us anywhere]

We’re going to have to figure out how we’re running cables across the sidewalk.

who’s actually showing up to setup tomorrow?

i cant speel

lets buy a projector mount

how much is the CS:S tournament prize amount going to be? Two day lan party? 10 for one day, 15 for two days. We have to kick people out at midnight if we’re going to do a 2-day lan. T-shirts? Cameron thinks we can go on an adventure and track down a screen printer.

windows is sleeping with a pizzalady or something. hassan2 can get us free foodz?!?!?!!?!?!!?!?!?!