13 Sep 2007

Members Present: Ben/Female-Ben, Cameron, Ben, Greg, Sean, Toby, 2 guests!, Eric, Zak Fay, Chris Hansen, Mark, Melody

We need to get rid of some chairs

rancor’s mom, nuff’ said

mount the projector, etc. on saturday

we have a week to sell 12 sprites, try selling them

ps2 n xbox

168$ spent on drinks

1.50$ to charge for jones soda.

Mark is looking good with his new haircut

Burt Reynolds is running around campus

PLAM Prizes?

40$ to first place warsow

40$ first place guitar hero

free advertisement in the herald?

drc wants us to buy an emergency call box, it’d be 40-50$

taking minutes is boring

something about full and half duplex

wrapping it up