25 Oct 2007

Members present: Joe W., Tim M., Cameron, Elyse, Dylan, Andrew, Ben We., Melody, Rashad, Stuart, Sean, Joel, Kyle C., Ben Wn., Greg, Dan, Mark J., Eric (late), 2 guests

Presiding: Dan
Recording: Tim

Meeting began at 6:09 PM

1) presentations

Sean’s presentation is today. Suggestions have been solicited. Greg suggests pairing people for presentations. DrC might do the BASH presentation if we ask him. Dan suggested a Saturday meeting, possibly for a geekout. Cameron offered to cover regex. Trenary offered to do a presentation.

We need to improve our advertisement. Tim suggested that we do a series on security. We could even possibly get the WSA to bring Jay Ball to campus to talk, since he’s a professional white hat.

Cameron would be able to do his on SSH and regex next week. Ben We. suggested a presentation oriented to SSH, SSL/TLS. We would like to get Jim Cotton to do a presentation.

Schedule is as follows:

Cameron - 11/1 - SSH/Regex
DrC - 11/8 - BASH
Sean - 11/15 - Cross-site scripting
Trenary - 11/29 - whatever
Dan - 12/6 - Parallel programming


Cameron reported on his tasks.

Discussion was taken on who would provide the pizza. Rashad suggested that we talk to some businesses that would offer free food, such as Pancheros. Someone pointed out the danger of lots of burritos and geeks in enclosed spaces.

Dan complained about the Herald’s advertisement of our presentations. Dan gets off topic.

Preregistration was discussed. We had at least 90 pre-registered.

Advertising was discussed. We need to modify the fliers, since we forgot the cost on the fliers. Rashad will redesign the fliers to include the cost tomorrow. The cost was discussed. Suggestions include $15.

Eric arrived. Eric announces that we have more prizes and fewer people attending.

Warsow tournament $160 soundcard (1st), $100 sound card (2nd), headset, backpacks, beanies.
Greg suggested double elimination to give away the headset.

Cameron suggests that we have a separate price for non-tournament players. Eric indicated that there could be problems in verifying people’s membership in tournaments. Cameron agreed with Eric.

Cameron is talking about how to survey attendees’ opinions about the PLAN.

Cameron complained about two errant members who were misbehaving. Ben asked Cameron about Sentinel. Cameron reports that Sentinel now has it’s 3 gigabit NIC cards. Sentinel will be up next week for testing.

Dan asked for a PLAN committee meeting.

Greg indicated that we could setup a VLAN with the Univ of Ill at Chicago so that we could play games with students at UIC.

A vote was taken on $15 as the cost. Yes-9, no-2

Members of the PLAN committee will meet on Friday at 2:00 at the CCLUB office.

Greg wants to do some Facebook ads. The cost would be $30-50 for one week. Tim advised that we get preapproval for the ads. The question is for a max of $50. The vote was affirmative and unanimous.

3) Treasurer’s report

Cameron believes that we have $800 in savings and $300 in the checking account.

4) Sudo access

The sysadmin group will discuss developing set guidelines on how to govern who gets SUDO capability as a committee.

5) Adjourned at 6:48 PM.