01 Nov 2007

6:13 - Meeting begins

-Schedule made, flyers being put up
-we fixed aliases for students and stuff!
-SSH/RegEx tonight

-need people to help setup/teardown
-need 2 keys to rooms
-need keys to teacher stations
-call ahead bussing $2 round trip, lets email people about call ahead bussing
-more sponsor stuff (BAWLS)

-start setting up around 5 or 6 pm on Friday November 9th, need help!

-next friday


flyers update? get approved? flyer this weekend?

Sean returns

Tim installed a security camera in the office, no more stealing food or drinks.
Cameron comments on the awesomeness of the camera
Dan is surprised that tim bought the webcam


cameron asks if anyone is listening
only the lonely drone taking minutes is.

let’s have a bonfire and stuff - how about the weekend before finals? december 1?

cameron wants to know what we’re doing next weekend
there was a club interest in purchasing a dump truck, check craigs list

We’re testing out how our bandwidth is going to be at the plan, doing some stress testing in c-208 on saturday
andy has to cheese off at 2 in the afternoon

there is a lake michigan, apparently.
pool party in miller fountain before they close it down for the winter.
do we have boats?

meeting ajourned.