08 Nov 2007

A new secetrary has been elected me, Dwight.

Meeting starts At 6:39.
People in attendence Ben & Ben’s girlfreind, Greg Sean, Zak, Dwight, Cameron,
Bradford, Rancor, Stu, Adam, Tim, Gizmo,

Plan is Saturday.

Setup is happening Friday at 6pm.

57 attending as of 6:45

People attending setup Cammeron, Phrozen, Zak, Gregerg. Rancor,Dan

Talk about VLAN University Chicago

DRC enters the room.

Game Servers for Plan TF2, CS:S, GH2, WS, UT3? GH3 Halo3?

We need GH2 gituars. Anyone got any.

We need a project beside plan, radio tower? Dance? Robot? BattleBots(SuckerPunchBots)
with robot club? Linux Distribution? Develop game?

We need geekouts.

Rendering with cluster.
Meeting Adjorned 7:03pm.