15 Nov 2007

Meeting starts 6:11

Do we want to make money from Plan?
We need to make money, but can’t break the rso rules.
Website hosting.
Figure out how to get money from WSA
Can we get WSA to pay for plan(make it free), adveritsing, and other

expenses then sell, concessions on the side?
Sponsors for next plan.
Ultra 10s may be going down at CS and coming here.
Get a project for the cluster so they don’t go to waste.
Bring codeouts back.
Rebiuld the webpage, its a piece of sh*t.
Spend spring semester rebuilding website.
We need a good sys admin wiki.
Sata drives 500 gb instead of SCSI drives.
We borrow space on CS drives.
We need a WSA rep to get our MONEY!
Crickets chirp
Random chatter(wii, moding, 99% of games suck, metroid, GH3)
Back to webmaster talk,
Douchebag didn’t pay, lets burn him at the stake.
Talk about cutting off his finger and salad shooter.
drc enters 6:46,
Still talk about amputation.
The jones is frozen
Jokes about BAWLS, they never get old.
Tim “ Pay Attention”
Let’s write a game, mess with id open source,
GEEKOUT lets get on it less talk more Rokk.
Lets not have the same problems with the out bound tcpip connections
Talk to the wizard(Cotton) and port forwards, VPN.
Get ports figure out for next plan.
IPtables firewall.
Geekout Saturday 3pm!!!! on TBD
Meeting adjourned 6:57