29 Nov 2007

Meeting start 6:09
members in attendence: Greg, Sean Cameron, Ben, Ben’s girlfriend, Stu,


Party at Cameron 5pm Saturday,
Presentation ideas: DRC story hour, VOIP, VPN, overclocking, RAID

SANs, wifi hacking, social engineering, cell phone hacking,

Bradford enters (Bradford–)
“Dan puts his hand through his hair and one side of his hairsticks up

and the other doesn’t” (Windows, 2007)

Anonymous users spamming our wiki, anonymous users disable.

Legistrate enters w/ food.

CIS career day Dec (FREE FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!)

Game design team being setup

you get piad to program not comment thats english

Lasgna, speghitti and bread sticks and pudding and brownies at party

meeting adjorned 6:58