06 Dec 2007

meeting starts 6:11

Special guest Jenna McLean
Trenary’s presentation awesome
Phone talk
Pictures up from Plan on website
Kyle presentation on liquid cooling
We should buy a digital camcorder for presentations, etc
Post videos on Youtube or whatever
Magic smoke came out of a computer
Podcasts, RSS feeds
OH no greg left his DS somewhere
Beverage center for our beverages($250 W/ S&H)
17” x 20” x 30”
Discos, hacker conference, bake sales, CTF, network security lab,
Windows PHI KI Theta needs a website designer, paying gig
Sean “Cameron is a Pussy!”
Webcam setup
WSA to provide money for plan?
Beverage Center talk
We are not an RSO
Vote 250-275 for fridge 10 yea 1 nay
Is there anything more important?
Wiki anonymous users have been turned off
new login underway
Presentations to be done second week for advertising reasons and such.
First Presentation back Jan 17th
Where’s the Hot Dogs
DrC to do VOIP
Brute Forcing with GPU
Linux RAID
Social engineering
Sean = slut
Gizmo VPN
legistrate lua and neural networks, and other blather
Guest presentation by faculty
Cotton story hour
CIS day 830-130 tips on interviewing, and resume tips
TIM has business “we are a bunch of slobs”
We need some more people on office hours
Tim is splitting middle of Jan