20 Nov 2008

Meeting starts 6:15

Private WOW server is awesome and free. ccowmu.org/wow to get hooked up! Only people allowed on server are people within two degrees of separation from computer club members. Jen is the highest level on the server who got there legitimately, booya. How to regulate cheating and stimulate economy with so few players has yet to be determined. Removing the level cap would be fantastic. Spacey’s idea: make an instance based on the average group level.

Friendship Village
Last Saturday, 11/15, went well. Next date to go is December 5th. You can still sign up to go and help out the old people.

Shirts have not been ordered yet. Stu will be ordering them ASAP.

Are the access points on-line? We’re keeping three and selling the rest individually. Hopefully they’ll be sold for $100+.

Lazer spilled two cans of pop on the floor. Now we have to get the carpet cleaned, thanks Lazer.

Whitehat’s fundraiser idea: sell blood and semen (A.K.A. Hacking Darwinism)
Any real fundraiser ideas? Prostitution, selling donuts, selling ethernet cables

MAME Cabinet update
We need money!
Lazer found a 27` for $300

Clean your crap off the work bench please! We need the room.

Moving computer club meetings to a different day next semester:
Discrete structures is Thur. night so many members would have to miss the meetings. Possibly moving to Thursday at 5:30 (but would still conflict with presentations) or moving it to Wednesday or Friday night.
Tentatively, computer club meetings will be Wednesday at 6:00pm.

Cokezero and
Free admission for people who are volunteering at PLAN and half off for CClub members
$15 get you into the PLAN and membership in club

Whitehat’s virus presentation is tonight.
Smidget wants to do one when he’s in town at the beginning of January.

Meetings dissolves 6:50