04 Dec 2008

Meeting starts 6:13

We made $388! More than usual, despite having a lower turn out. People who won tournaments will be able to come for free next PLAN.
IDEA: Have a new (easier) tournament next time to encourage less hard-core gamers to enter or have a designated noob tournament
We definitely need more sponsors next time since we had no prizes!

Access points need to get up this week.

Uber-Yakko was supposed to be up by Thanksgiving! What’s the deal? It’s not yet mounted properly

If anyone knows where “this” power supply goes, let Cameron know.

Friendship Village is this weekend. Meeting at C-club at 12:00 and driving over by 1:00. Dora, Greg and Smerky are going, anyone else is welcome to join.

DRC arrives 6:21

ALSO, take anything you may be working on that you don’t want messed with, moved, or accidently thrown out. The office will be cleaned over break.

Tabs need to be paid before break. The limit for tabs is $5. Don’t go over! Cameron will come get you.

DRC brought in an example of his TV-begone project kit if anyone wants to check it out. Tis super cool. Projects are costing $15 now, but the club is subsidizing the kits down $10. The proceeds will go to creating more project kits. DRC made TV-begone and a programmer kits, he is super awesome. Kyle loves him, but don’t we all.

Whitehat is gonna pick up some more wire strippers for the club.

Conference Idea
Host a weekend conference sometime on a couple specific topics. We could re-present previous presentations, host a couple workshops, get Trenary to come talk and maybe host a guest speaker. Sometime in March or April possibly. Conference ideas: COMPUTERS

Presentation Ideas Next Semester
Smidget will be presenting early January (on something)
Cameron: RAID presentation
DRC: Software laws (and conspiracy theories, I suspect)
Whitehat: Social engineering
Whitehat’s brother: Digital security or (he’s studying at Ferris to join the FBI)
Mr. Macky the linear algebra teacher would like to present
Dr. Al Fuqaha: something
Lazer: TCP-IP
Cowbar: dunno yet
Shubot: history of computers
PHP, MySQL, steganography, making beer, VOIP, evolution of internet

Cameron knows where to shoot people to make them die.

Next semester cclub will be meeting Wednesdays at 6:00

Meeting ends 7:03