18 Feb 2009

Meeting starts 6:12

Friendship Village 2/21: Whitehat

Lock Box: The lock dude won’t return our calls, so we’re gonna talk to the building coordinator about installing our own.

We need two NICs ($25 each) -Vote passes
Kyle emailed 10+ sponsors, yet to hear back
Prize Ideas
Gift cards: $15-25
Free Concessions

Science Olympiad- Need volunteers, more info to come

Budget: $500 in checking
$750 in savings

Chocolate stuff- Hershey’s, Reeses, KitKats
Sugary stuff
Pop- Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, Pepsi (Get DIET too!)
Other Drinks- tea, red bull, water
Hot Pockets
Individual frozen pizzas/Pizza bagels

Hot and Cold Water Cooler- About $100, would be awesome
Will be discussed further after PLAN

Drc hasn’t arrived :(

Meeting adjourned 7:00