25 Feb 2009

Meeting starts at 6:13 PM 2/25
Smerky taking minutes.

Science Olympiad : Starts 8am-3pm -3/14

  • They need volunteers for anything.
  • It is located on main campus
  • Need volunteers for any amount of time.
  • Contact Cameron about volunteering.

    Zerg has a receipt printer that he wants to donate.

    PLAN : One sponsor - Crucial Ballistics
  • Need to talk to cotton still.
  • Gigabit NICs came in.

    LOCKS :
  • Vote to allocate $25 to getting a lock box. All but one for the idea.

    6:26 DRC arrives.

  • Event is around 4/15. Smerky is coordinator for this. If you would like to volunteer or have any idea contact Smerky.
  • DRC has a good idea that takes to long to explain at the moment.

    Friendship Village :
  • Not happening this weekend.

    Business Technology Network :
  • They may sponsor some of PLAN.
  • 3/9 Dora is giving a presentation on 1255 Schneider Hall at 6:00PM. It’s on Microsoft One Note.

    FOOD :
  • Cameron is getting food over break.

    Meeting adjourned at 6:49PM.