18 Mar 2010

Meeting minutes: March 18th, 2010
Meeting started: 6:03pm
DRC was already here when the meeting started. So surprising.
Talk about friendship village. 2nd or 3rd week of April, Cokezero and Butters.
Kyle requested censorship of the minutes to protect the identities of certain members activities on St. Patricks Day.
6:04 � Butters calls Whitehat with Google Voice. Mentions that Fonotron is racist and doesn�t like dealing with Japanese numbers.
6:05 � Talk of PLAN profits. No bill for CClub PLAN shirts yet, talking with Studio to keep updated on information on billing and whatnot. Cost is ~$260. Looks like we �basically� broke even on PLAN costs/profit.
6:07 � Smerky hands out leaking Bawls. Zerg shotguns one of them. Lots of slurping sounds and possibly a stain or two on the floor. Smerky finds the experience �unpleasant�
6:08 � 6:20 � Back to PLAN talk. Thoughts about an �After Action� review on ways to improve for PLAN 14. Earlier advertising. Butters takes responsibility for failed advertising. Could use better documentation of efforts planned or completed in case transfer of main PLAN planning duties needs to switch (i.e. Lyth ragequiting) Kyle volunteers to make Nerd-Scout Cookies for next PLAN.
PLAN 14 planned date � September 25th.
Info on BroncoBash will be posted in May, might require shift in PLAN date.
Minimum of two months for initial contact with possible Sponsors.
Keep working list of PLAN sponsors.
July 30th for shirt designs due.
Smerky complains about frozen Bawls.
Possibly get sponsors to chip in on shirt costs, put their logo on the back.
6:20 � Geekouts? Ideas? Next weekend, not this weekend (2 weeks after PLAN) Start advertising, email Kaminski. Times? 11am - ?? on Saturday. Activity will be Hack This Site, in CClub Offce
6:22 � UberYakko. Yakko has uptime of 4 days, 6 days before that, 10 days before that�.. really need UberYakko up. Getting things up (Butters, DRC, etc..) working on PHP/MySQL/syncing home dirs, waiting on drc�s contributions to finish up initial requirements. Finish by end of month? (HA!). Betting started on when Yakko will crash. General consensus of within 1 week.
6:30 - Meeting Closed.