26 Aug 2010

CCLUB Meeting
26 August 2010
2244 Kohrman Hall

President: rancor
VP: dwight
VP Finance: butters
Treasurer: cokezero
Secretary/WSA Rep: scrabble

1800: rancor calls meeting to order

1801: grg says rancor should not sit behind couch

1812: four xserves still available for sale

1815: $40 + shipping allocated for a G5 power supply

1819: rancor and drc to give joint presentation on RFID

1820: dwight arrives

1825: color cclub brochures a possibility

1827: crowbar arrives

1830: zerg proposes cclub membership card with usb memory

1833: scrabble offers invitation to FYS class to speak

1834: drc proposes we buy omni-directional microphone
–research and bring proposal back

1835: grg voices concerns about using others’ terminals

1836: meeting adjourns