30 Jan 2014

Thursday, 1-30-14 Minutes

Meeting begins at 6:15pm


  • Potentially purchasing physical items for prizes, like SSDs as top prizes
  • Contact League RSO
  • Show up sunday to talk about PLAN
    • What to do for prizes, tournaments, rooms, oh my!
  • More than likely will be a two day event, first day for League of Legends, second day for other events like TF2, CS:GO, fighting games (Melee? eh, eh?), etc
  • Flay offers to bring Gamecube for melee fightin'


  • 54th place in the latest CTF match! Great job ctf team!
  • Next CTF is in two weeks: Sochi Olympics 2014
  • CTF Team may put together a few challenges for people
    • Problems that should not be too difficult to solve, with links to related information to help get people acclimated with CTF's

As always, /j #ctf


  • Build your own bench power supply this sunday w/ Misclik!
    • Will also be here for hanging out
  • Flay gives talk today,
    • Additional Onity lock talk may happen if enough interest, talk to Flay if there is interest


  • Most people have theirs, but there are some extras, see Sphinx if you are interested in picking one up

Raspberry Pi purchasing:

  • Vote is unanimous to purchase Raspberry Pi's for project use

Meeting ends 6:28pm

Flay begins Lockpicking talk