06 Feb 2014

Thursday, 2-06-14 Minutes

CTF team is hosting their own event w/ prize! See below!

Meeting begins at 6:04pm


  • WMU Computer Club's Security Research Team is hosting their very own Capture the Flag event! Shmow CTF!

  • Event is jeopardy style, featuring 16 classic challenges spread over various disciplines such as reverse engineering, web exploitation, and steganography!

    • Begins at 7pm on February 6th, (Tonight!)
      • Lasts 1 week
    • Visit http://shmow.ccowmu.org/ to register and play!
  • Brand new Raspberry Pi as the prize!

  • Another professional CTF "Olympic CTF" event happens at 11am tomorrow, Feb 7th.

Lots of CTF events tomorrow! Please show up and join the fun! Flay plans on being at the Cclub office at 2pm.

As always, /j #CTF in irc!

Raspberry Pi's:

  • There will be a bulk order
    • $35 dollars per, if you want one talk to flay.


  • Flay is looking for interest in ordering tools
    • a $5ish dollar pick option will be available
    • A decent set for $35 if you'd like to get into lockpicking


  • There are some left over MSP430 kits, $35 each if anybody would like one


  • Still need people to help plan PLAN
    • Need someone to be bossman (Take the lead)


  • Rocco will be giving a talk on Capture the Flag tonight

Wifi workshop

  • This sunday learn how to "Crack" wifi and routers!

Meeting ends at 6:15pm

To recap:

  • LOADS OF CTF Fun going on this week
  • SUPER RAD WORKSHOPS this sunday
  • IF YOU WANT NEAT STUFF talk to flay to get your order in