12 Feb 2014

##February 12th, 2015 Minutes

  • By Renix!
  • improvements by flay

Meeting begin 6:12pm

###Head Count:

  • 38


  • Wants to see us all institutionalize ourselves better
  • Get better at making a regular processes for the club (Agenda, feeding & caring of younger members, inclusivity)
  • Have younger members or any memebers jump in and help with projects and events more
  • Steve Carr is willing to talk about the possibility of officers getting 1 credit hour for being a part in the club per semester.
  • Think of new and better ways to bring up new members so they are always very involved
  • We’re putting out a newsletter to get some publicity for the club.
  • Demorest: WMU is offering vpn access to have place to play around and hack, maybe getting a subnet set up to play with and break stuff. This would be super cool for the club! We need someone to take the lead on setting it up.
  • Start building up a database for club contacts old and new
  • IRC is for everybody. Argue/Debate constructively.

###Agenda Mechanics:

  • Anyone in the club can add topics to the agenda using !agenda command (Implemented in botler after friday)
  • This will be on the minutes page of our website on the right hand column

###Bounty board reminder:

  • Opportunity for you to get room access
  • Anything on the board you are welcome to tackle or help with!
  • Throw any seperate ideas you might have to the board
  • This sysetm helps get people more involved in cclub
  • Good way to talk to other people around the club about similar interests

###Bonzai Brawl:

  • Michigan tech univ. bonzai brawl. You get a period of time to create an AI which plays a game http://bonzai.cs.mtu.edu/
  • Head of this organization contacted us to do testing and maybe host a competition for one of these games
  • We need people to beta test before hand and host the event itself
  • April 11th would be the date this is held
  • Typo is going to be help running this, we heart typo

###2 New IRC Channels:

  • #ai Channel to talk about AI competitions (Bonzai/ Ant wars) and other AI related topics. https://cs.wmich.edu/~antman/index.php
  • Implement an Ops policy for channels so we have codified rules for the moderators.
  • #irc : Specific use channel for talk about Ops policy. Create a doc, throw it in the topic. Get started.

###Middle School Event:

  • Maple Street middle school for the arts, right up Howard street
  • Settled on doing robatics using lego mind storm with the kids
  • The idea is just to guide them.
  • Renix is super interested! As is sphinx, flay. Talk to demorest. His wife runs the thing.
  • Would be around 3:30 ish to 5 ish
  • Channel will be named #msr (middle school robotics)

###Card for Kapenga:

  • Kapengas wife passed away earlier this week, typo has a card to sign if you would like to give your condolences
  • This will mean a ton to him, please sign!

###Officer meeting:

  • This sunday at 2pm, anyone is welcome to come! Especially if you are interested in being an officer

###RPI Order:

  • Next week!
  • RPI 2 order


  • This is what many of you joined for.
  • Tomorrow @ 5:00pm (Friday)
  • Stringy will be here to make sure we are all working together. Stringy is the bomb
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to program collaboratively should come!
  • Food will be brought

###When is Plan?:

  • Weekend of March 27th
  • Apparently Renix is taking care of doing shirts again!? Weeeee. SEND HER DESIGNS PLZ?!!?
  • Thinking sundays for weekly plan meetings maybe around 1?


  • Flay is talking to event coordinators tomorrow
  • We would maybe have a few booths at the main event

###Boston Key Party at the end of this month

###Sphinx tonight was voted in as a LIFETIME MEMBER OF CCLUB! because we love him and he is amazing.

  • Dear sphinx. You are one of my favorite people, because you put more people in me. Signed Cclub

###Stringy Begins Git Talk *We recorded it! Talk will be listed in coming “videos” section of our site

##Meeting ends at 6:47pm

###Ben Got hired at apple *Went to gallaghers. Ben bought 6 pitchers of beer. *Much screaming *All praise ben.