13 Feb 2014

#Thursday, 2-13-14 Minutes

##Meeting begins at 6:14pm

Noise complaints!! Carr said we could be barred from the room if we don’t quiet down. Complaint was issued between 6-8pm. Quiet down at all times though. Keeping this room is sort of a big deal!

###Cleaning party:

  • Cleaning party this sunday @1pm
  • Misclik, Tmotom, Nobody, 5, DropShock, Plugges, Shpinx, Flay, Buttercup volunteer
  • Maybe JROB


  • Upgrading a computer? Put ~400 dollars into updating one of the computers for newer applications and games, video/photo editing. MATLAB.
  • Sphinx suggests donating his Radeon card
  • Vote passes to upgrade GodPidgeon

  • Purchasing a multimeter
  • Hardison offers to bring in his old multimeter, JROB may donate his as well

  • Possibly purchasing misc electronic parts and components,
  • Misclik offers to give a talk on electronics in the future.
  • Talk about the IEEE Student union and services they offer, soldering lessons etc

  • 2600 Magazine subscription
  • Thinking of subscribing to 2600 magazine ~$27 a year. Or ~$270 for lifetime
  • Will probably do a 1-year subscription as a trial

  • Onity Key Project
  • In all hotel rooms they use these locks, mag-stripe reading locks
  • An arduino hack to unlock all these locks
  • Vote passes to buy an Onity lock

###Movie Mondays:

  • Talk of having Movie Monday at Cclub in addition to remotely
  • Much interest in starting this back up
  • /j #movies in irc
  • Show up this monday @ 8pm for the first one


  • Next weekend is the next CTF event
  • Sphinx won the CTF Team built event!!
  • 2nd place - whiteout, 3rd place - steve
  • Sphinx will be conceding his place to Whiteout, who wins the Raspberry Pi!

  • Huge thanks to CTF Team for putting on this event!
  • You guys are awesome!

Events will be up for a while longer. See Rocco (or his github) for the challenges if you want them even after they go down

###PLAN: People volunteering for PLAN: Nobody, Tmotom, Gigglesbw4, 5, Flay, Sphinx, Misclik, Dropshock, Typo, Zugzwang

  • Need people to send sponsorship e-mails,
  • Will need people for postering soon!
  • Please /j #PLAN

###Wi-fi cracking talk:

  • Next thursday Mandatory will be giving a talk on wifi cracking after meeting

##Meeting ends 6:36pm