20 Feb 2014

Thursday, 2-20-14 Minutes

Meeting Begins 6:24pm

Raspberry Pi's:

  • Raspberry Pi's are in!
  • One will be going to WhiteOut for winning the CTF Event!
  • There is a magazine with lots of tutorials and ideas for the Rasp Pi's
  • SD Cards did not come with the Pi's, they are required to load an OS for the Raspberry Pi


  • Lockpicks will be ordered soon, Toool was sold out earlier


  • Starting tomorrow 7am
    • People will be around later in the day
    • Flay will be there around 3pm


  • If anyone is capable of tutoring please make yourself heard. Trenary and Kaminski are looking for tutors for their classes! Not sure if this is for C-208
  • If you are on our mailing list the e-mail will be forwarded out


  • Mandatory will be giving his talk on wi-fi cracking tonight after meeting

Meeting Ends at 6:30pm