27 Feb 2014

#Thursday, 2-27-14 Minutes

##Meeting Begins 6:03pm

###Raspberry Pi’s

  • There are in, we will be ordering SD cards
  • We will be ordering micro USB cables and 5v chargers.
  • Renix has a lot of cables, will be bringing some
  • We need a monitor w/ hdmi or component input
  • Alternative is adapters for our existing monitors (more likely)

  • Ideas for the cclub rpi’s
  • Replacing RITA w/ an RPI
  • Bitcoin miner (good idea tmo)
  • Installing Arch and other distros
  • Setting up a LAMP server
  • Crackpot has some experience w/ LAMP

  • May setup the Rpi’s somewhere in the room for easy access

###Onity Lock

  • Onity ht24 lock has come in
  • Flay will be working with putting it together
  • The lock is special due to a high profile hack that involved using an arduino to unlock hotels full of these locks

###Light fixed

  • Yeah, this is that important. There is light in the room again


  • Not ordered yet, TOOOL is currently out
  • In a couple days more should be in

##Meeting ends at 6:11pm