17 Apr 2014

Minutes for 4-17-14

Meeting starts at 6:11pm

Summer PLAN:

  • Planning on first week in June, there is a google form to vote
    • http://bit.do/summerplan
  • VOTE


  • Worlds largest hacking convention
  • Anyone planning to attend?
  • Going to be at the Rio

IRC bots:

  • Talk w/ flay and start poking around with irc bots
  • Helpful to learn python or other coding languages


  • TOOOL has been sold out for several weeks
  • They said they would be in soon, however if you want a refund let Flay know

Linux boxes:

  • drc has donated a bunch of small boxes loaded with linux that are loaded with some gps and similar such functions
  • pulled from cars

New computer:

  • Building a new PC. No name yet, qq animaniacs
  • Built mostly of donated parts, however we have allocated fund to upgrade computers already
  • We need a motherboard, psu, and some RAM.


  • Overthewire, a good website for training and simple learning CTF
    • http://www.overthewire.org/wargames/
  • New CTF event this friday, might not be big because of exams.

New Yakko:

  • Planning on finishing up uber yakko this summer
  • Announce it in IRC so the drones can flock to the horde
  • jack thinks it'd be cool if we ran homecloud on uberyakko
  • /j #sysops
  • make a list of things that get done as they get done
  • AJ and Malakii can help

3D printers:

  • Micro3D
    • A kickstarter 3d printer
    • Tiny, but not unreasonable for hobby use
    • It's pre-assembled, and cost effective. $300 dollars.
    • May have to wait a year or so to get it
    • Should do more research before making a purchase
  • Alternatives?
    • RepRap
    • http://reprap.org/wiki/RepRap
    • More likely purchase option
    • 8"x8"x8"
    • Heated pads vs. non-heated:
    • ABS sticks together nicer, more issues of warping. Requires 100 degree celcius for the printing bed. PLA requires little to no heat.
  • http://makezine.com/magazine/guide-to-3d-printing-2014/3d-printer-overview-how-they-compare/
  • /j #projects


  • Website AJ set up for AI challenge
  • Upload a boat in any language
  • Server simulates ant bots fighting other ants, challenge is to be the best
  • Ranked
  • cs.wmich.edu/~antman/
  • Future competition?
    • After finals,
  • Currently 6-7 bots, tutorial bots
  • Check out the website or Talk to AJ for further info
  • on front page is a link to a zip that works w/ windows, linux and mac designed to help run a python ant bot.


    • becky++


  • http://bit.do/summerplan
  • http://www.overthewire.org/wargames/
  • cs.wmich.edu/~antman/
  • http://reprap.org/wiki/RepRap
  • http://makezine.com/magazine/guide-to-3d-printing-2014/3d-printer-overview-how-they-compare/

Meeting ends 6:48pm