24 Apr 2014

Minutes for 4-24-14

Meeting begins at 6:37pm

King Crow:

  • The upgraded god pidgeon
  • Intel core i5 2500k
  • 8GB RAM


  • We gotta go through LDAP setup, check what butters did
  • We need to fix the timeout for login thru LDAP

Programs to put on King Crow:

  • Adobe suite / Photoshop
  • AutoCAD / Inventor
  • Linux
  • Unity (Gaming software)
  • Microsoft office

Dell poweredge server:

  • Up and running in kitchen server rack
  • 4GB ram, 2 xeons.
  • Not fast, but it's somethin'
  • Possibly putting IRC all up on it


  • PhorceP++
  • Donating lots of goodies
  • KVMs, cables, neat tech
  • Let's save one of the KVM's for uberyakko


  • Linksys WR45G
  • Setting up a crackable wifi signal
  • Cool for learning about wifi protocols


  • Karras will be putting a suggestion sheet on the fridge
  • Write what snacks etc you want


  • HackRF, pre-orderable
  • Proxmark3, orderable now
  • Both for reading/writing RF