08 May 2014

#Thursday, 5-08-14 Minutes

##Meeting Begins 6:16pm


  • Door bot almost done, all wired just waiting for completed code.
  • Project Management software found. Look into for a possible project.
  • If anyone wants access to the github account, talk to majorstringy
  • New smartboard! Plan to be hooked up soon
  • Making new business cards, hardison is making up one idea currently.
  • Make antwars bots in free time, possible competition to be held.
  • New server? If you are interested in working with it talk to sphinx
  • Working on office hour schedual for next fall, talk to Renix. Possibly doubling up on hours so there are more hands to get things done quicker.
  • If anyone is interested in robotics: Tech Care Computer Center looking for people who are interested in working on stuff with them.

###Next Semester Ideas:

  • Start going to classes next semester at parkview and introducing cclub, ctf, and other projects to get new members.
  • Host a basic Unix workshop for student who are interested near semester start.
  • Attend the monthly RSO meeting held at parkview.
  • In the past have done charity events, possibly bring that back. try to do at least one next semester as a start.
  • New talks oriented more to learning skills to increase the likeliness of getting hired in tech jobs.
  • Specific office hours for homework help only.


  • Ctf happening today. People will be at the room tonight working on it.
  • If interested more in ctf, join the channel on irc.

###Summer Plan:

  • Current days schedualed: June 6-8 for secret summer plan, talk to giggles for more information.

###Job opportunities:

  • CS department is looking for a new Linux Sys admin. Talk to Jason Johnson C-218 if interested. Don’t need much experience to apply.
  • Looking for middleware people: Criminal Sciences LLC criminal-sciences.com

###New members:

  • Welcoming Ben! interested in working with the kernel.
  • Maybe Don? =]

##Meeting Ends at 6:42pm