15 May 2014

May 15th, 2014 Minutes

Meeting begin 6:19pm

###RIP Renix

  • in peace

###What do we want at cclub?:

  • Resources, events, furniture?
  • Mull it over, contact flay
  • Job help? Pointers, etc
  • Remote talks? Record/upload/post the talks online
  • Recruitment / outreach position? Multiple people? Advertising
  • Have presentations on cclub in Pview C-208
  • Don’t just be a passive member, have some cool ideas
  • Talk on CLI / linux / terminal magic for new students and those interested
  • Talk on GIT and VM’s etc
  • Sign up sheets
  • Hosting web-pages for other departments?

  • Order stuff? Usb microphones for jasper (voice controlled apps), SD cards, jumpers, printer paper, staples, HDD docks


  • Some light remodeling
  • New shelf, some reorganized furniture
  • Misclik++ for new shelf yay


  • Door function almost done
  • Any card you want can be added to give access to the room
  • jack++


  • Defcon qualification ctf is may 16th, begins 8pm, runs until may 19th.
  • /j #ctf
  • Let’s sort out some timezones, yeah?


  • $220 ticket, 3 day pass, largest hacking convention in the world
  • August 7th-10th in Las Vegas

###New Room:

  • Might be a-comin’
  • Same size as our current room, may be slightly larger
  • Burner is on, but our butts are gettin’ hot

  • Aviation is getting rather restless, and as a result so are we.
  • All we need to give them is the specifications of the room, amount of internet jacks, etc.
  • More outlets? 4 connections per wall?
  • Rack mounted shelving?
  • VOIP phone? Ask for a PoE jack specifically for a voip phone, have Trenary ask


  • Potential credit for officers for putting in a large amount of time in the office
  • $40 for two remote toy tanks. Maybe put a webcam on them and have some internet fun?
  • Flay is going to figure out how much money we can make as a non-profit
  • We have access to 3D printers at Parkview

##Meeting ends at 7:30pm