22 May 2014

May 22th, 2014 Minutes

Meeting begin 6:12pm

###Head Count:

  • 14

###New Room:

  • Requested two layers of cables, projector rack, new ethernet, phone, ect
  • Exact room possibly 2225?
  • Before move, room is going to be cleaned out/stripped

###Summer Plan:

  • June 6th-8th
  • D-109 and D115, only can get into D-115 before 10pm on friday the 6th

###Field Trip:

  • Tech Care Tron Labs - robots and hacking and stuff!
  • Possibly field trip to there at 4pm friday May 30th!


  • $220 ticket, 3 day pass, largest hacking convention in the world
  • August 7th-10th in Las Vegas


  • Building IOS app,social media. Interested in IOS development ask Flay for contact details.
  • Kapenga is looking for a web developer for the cluster lab they are putting in, paid job
  • If graduating soon, talk to Trenary about a job at Zoepis, or Sphinx for more info

###Project Ideas:

  • June 4th 11-3 surplus sale search for a cheap mac to mess with, contact giggles if you want to go
  • Get Smart board up and running! Have all cables and parts ready to go.
  • PXC boot server - can boot an iso over the network so we don’t need any disks. jack is working on this

###Door Bot:

  • Not plugged in yet, still need to modify script
  • When this is done, talk to jack about swipe access on any card you want
  • Everyone can get free access for the rest of the summer to test


  • Sk8punk is searching for donations to help his friends sick dog! Help the cute puppy!
  • Start writing down things we do and are doing, will be added to website to document things we have accomplished for records
  • Ideas for the new website? Join the website channel!
  • HUGE props to jack for organizing the room!
  • jack++

##Meeting ends at 6:34pm