30 May 2014

May 22th, 2014 Minutes

Meeting begin 6:09pm

Head Count:

  • 13

Door Bot:

  • Up and running! Talk to jack for swipe access
  • Talk about how often new members should come to be able to gain swipe access
  • Card access for new members? Possibly under peer review

Summer Plan:

  • June 6th-8th
  • D-109 and D115, only can get into D-115 before 10pm on friday the 6th, Renix has key/swipe access for doors

Office Hours:

  • Officers send there current scheduals for Fall to Renix, so she can start planning ahead
  • If avaliable to hold specific office hours for this summer, also let Renix know

Field Trip Tomorrow:

  • Friday May 31st at 4pm to Tech Care Tron Labs
  • If interested, meet at cclub around 2pm, ask Flay for more info
  • http://www.techcare-tronlabs.com/


  • To sign up for a chat, contact Renix
  • If you have chats you would like to have given, also let Renix know

Project Ideas:

  • Workshop for new members on how to get aquainted with irssi, weechat, other server basics, ect
  • Linux workshops will be in C-208 in the near future, ask Sphinx for more information
  • Members interested in helping with fall workshops: Pluggles,Renix,Sam,Flay,Zugs,Hardison


  • Bring back sign up sheets for new members to fill out when they join cclub
  • Get more involved with CTF! Recruit people who might be interested in getting involved
  • Still unable to order lockpicks
  • Server is still being worked on

Meeting ends at 6:38pm