05 Jun 2014

June 5th, 2014 Minutes

Meeting begins at 6:11

###Head Count:

  • 14

###Next Semester Projects:

  • Pixie boot server
  • Internal Network
  • Talk to flay if you are interested in working with either


  • Friday-Sunday at parkview. D-115 open all weekend, D-109 open at noon on Saturday
  • D-115 will be open starting at 5pm on friday the 6th


  • Still no word on when we are officially moving into the room (225)


  • Topsy is still hiring! Talk to Flay for more info / to see the information e-mail
  • Zoetis - Software development position - more info talk to whiteout
  • Zoetis - Project Leader type position
  • Kapenga is looking for someone to work with Cuda Cluster

###Mozilla Open Badges:

  • Mozilla open badges : digital badges that you carry around showing that you learned a skill/earned an achievement
  • Possibly giving out our own badges for c-club activities starting in fall semester?
  • Been around the past few years, used by a wide range of companies
  • If you are interested in learning more about these, talk to Flay

###POS System:

  • Point of Sale / Inventory logging system
  • Have a tablet on in the room, next to the fridge possibly, keep track of what people buy and when
  • Talk to Flay, Sphinx, or Hardison for more information or to throw out ideas

###Tech Tron Labs:

  • Owner said he was interested to help us out if we ever needed help on projects or etc.
  • Possibly planning another trip there again in the future.
  • They donated a large server rack to cclub!

###Business Cards:

  • Firefly made a few different options, Jack is also working on a new logo.
  • Possibly waiting to make new business cards until we move rooms

###Shirts and Hoodie:

  • Ordering before fall / beginning of fall semester
  • Next meeting misclik will bring in a picture or post a link to the design

###New Members:

  • Welcome Milky!

Meeting ends at 6:32