11 Sep 2014

September 11th, 2014 Minutes

by Renix (Secretary)

Meeting begin 6:16pm

Headcount: 27

New Members!:

RSO Expo:

  • This Sunday 2-5 at Valley 3
  • People going so far: Renix, Flay
  • Let Renix know if you can come and help out!

Weekend Workshop:

  • This Saturday sometime in the afternoon around 2pm
  • Topic: About CTF
  • Rough introductory and preview to the lab enviorment for CTF
  • Workshop will run as long as people are here and interested
  • For more information, talk to flay
  • Next CTF is September 19th

Upcoming Talks:

  • CTF talk next thursday. Introductory tools and techniques
  • Ant Bot Talk soon from Monofuel


  • All members, go to the wiki and make your own user page!
  • Let us know about you, what you want to learn, or what you can offer!
  • If we could get all members to have one that would be fantastic!


  • Western Student Association
  • Trying to get involved, to get some more funds for talks and the club!


  • Check IRC for links to the different TShirt and Hoodie designs!


  • Business Technology Network
  • Thursdays at 6:30
  • Meetings held in Schnider, ask Flay for more information

Study Abroad:

  • In South Africa!
  • Any computer science classes you take there count as electives towards your degree!
  • You pay tuition with Western, then pay for housing, plan tickets, and personal expenses
  • Talk to Demorest on IRC for more information!

Meeting Ends At 6:35pm