18 Sep 2014

September 18th, 2014 Minutes

  • By Renix! *Sorry if they are a little bare, internet failed and i lost minutes=/

Meeting begin 6:28pm

Head Count:

  • 37

Plan Planning:

  • If you are interested in helping for plan, join the plan channel
  • Renix and Typo are managing flyers
  • Renix and Hardison have keys/ Swipe access for all rooms needed

Time Lord Association:

  • Meetings Saturday at 5
  • Bernhard Center 205
  • For more information, talk to Giggles

Unreal Engine:

  • Kapenga is working on getting free academic licensing for students!

Rasberry Pie B+:

  • Getting and order going soon for rasberry pies if anyone is interested


  • First CTF is tomorrow
  • CSaw CTF

Meeting ends at 7:00pm