19 Sep 2014


Hey, everyone.

The CTF/ Cyber-security talk had a great turnout and I’m very excited to see you guys tomorrow for CSAW ctf 2014

CSAW homepage: https://ctf.isis.poly.edu/

the CTF starts at 6 Sept 19 (today), but we’ll be there way early getting prepped. Just hop in channel and see who is in the room.

I’m planning on being there at 2pm or earlier.

For anyone who missed it, our esteemed member Rocco Niccosia aka Funky was able hop on and give us a talk remotely from his new company in ATL Georgia (Funky hinted they may be looking for interns soon)

Want to get ready?

For slides from Funky’s talk

CTF For the dirty casual: click here http://rocco.io/ctf/#/

Want to get an idea of what we’ll be facing?

CSAW challenges from last year: http://repo.shell-storm.org/CTF/CodeGate-2013/

If you have no clue what you’re doing, definitely check out some of these problems, then search google for writeups for those specific problems.

Problems are often very similar between years. Looking at last years CTF is an easy way to get ahead.

Funfact When I searched, I came up with writeups from mandatory on the first page of results. http://thehackerblog.com/tag/csaw-2013-writeup/

/join #ctf in channel and collaborate with other new members.

Remember, Its fine not to know what you’re doing. We’re here doing this to learn. This isn’t a spectator sport, so dive in ask questions and help where you can. These are problems. They’re hard and frustrating and rewarding as hell when we get them.

If we work together we’ll be able to beat this thing to death with a bag full of flashlights.

The bag is our bond. The flashlights are our ingenuity.

See you at 6!

– Flay