06 Nov 2014

October 30th, 2014 Minutes

  • By Renix!

Meeting begin 6:03pm

Head Count:

  • 32 - HUSH IS HERE!!!


  • Graphic art society is printing them tomorrow
  • Next week on thursday t-shirts will be here at club
  • If you are around this weekend, you can come and get yours

RPI Order Tomorrow!:

  • Going out tomorrow
  • 38 dollars for B+
  • Money must be paid for to cclub by 7pm or you won't be in the order


  • Starts tomorrow at 10am (Friday Novemeber 7th)
  • Travel along a story layout to unlock different parts


  • Positions were voted for tonight!
  • Treasurer and Pop Dingus! : Grizzly
  • VP of Ops : Hardison
  • Sysadmin : Demorest

Geekout/Plan meeting Sunday:

  • Sunday at 2pm

3D Printing talk:

  • Next thursday monofuel will be giving a talk about 3d printing

Meeting ends at 6:13pm

Flay begins talk on lockpicking