13 Nov 2014

November 13th, 2014 Minutes

  • By Renix!

Meeting begin 6:06pm

Head Count:

  • 33


  • They are in!
  • If you have paid for a shirt and haven't gotten it, please come get it soon!

RPI's came in:

  • Pluggles and Buttercup come and get them! -done

Programming Channel:

  • New channel about programming
  • Go there to talk with anyone about just programming related things!

Hackathon Channel:

  • Blind started the hackathon channel!
  • This weekend on sunday they are making an irc bot in the room at 2pm
  • Created for a place to talk about hacking stuff and to arrange get togethers on the weekends to make stuff!

Other RSO's websites:

  • Cade and blind are interested in working on them
  • Going to start making websites for any other engineering rso's that would like one
  • If anyone else is interested in working on this please let flay know.

Mumble Server:

  • Brandon is interested in setting this up
  • Maybe broadcasting meetings for people who arent here
  • Apparently we already have one? lets look at getting back into this

Meeting ends at 6:13pm

Monofuel begins talk on 3D printers