20 Nov 2014

November 20th, 2014 Minutes

  • By Sphinx

Meeting Begins at 6:10PM

Yakko Downtime During Winter Break!

  • Between Dec. 15th and Christmas Day
  • Bears Hosting Backup IRC at mikefightsbears.com
  • Password Found at http://yakko.cs.wmich.edu/wiki/Todo#Contact

No Meeting Next Thursday! (Thanksgiving)

Head Count:

  • 27

Upcoming CTF:

  • 9447 on Nov. 29th
  • Atlassian Sponsoring
  • GitSC in January
  • GitSC Teaser on Dec. 13th

Amazon Deal:

  • 4TB Hybrid Drive for $140
  • Ends Today

3D Printer Update:

  • Printer Arriving on Wednesday!

Hackathon Update:

  • IRC Bot is Coming Along
  • Code is on Github
  • NAS Set-up Needs Some Love
  • Vulunerable Servers Being Set-up for CTF Practice
  • Come Tomorrow If You Are Interested!
  • 8 People Guarunteed to Show

A Bite of Python:

So Much Equipment!

  • We Have Been Inundated with Stuff
  • Find Something to Do with It!

Meeting Finishes at 6:22PM

Room Open at 3PM Tomorrow for Hackathon

"Uptime lasts until it doesn't." - Sam Demorest