04 Dec 2014

December 4th, 2014 Minutes

  • By Renix!

Meeting Begins at 6:07PM

People Count: 24

Ghost in the shell code CTF:

  • Jan 16th-17th
  • Rocco,funky,and Mandatory will most likely play this one!
  • Last year it was a challenge that there was an MMO you could play in and hack there abilities, etc.

3D Printer Arrived:

  • Missing a part?!
  • Mostly put together so far

What do you want to see more of at cclub?:

  • More blinking lights.....giggles

There will be a meeting next week:

  • Not a lot to discuss, but if you can come feel free!
  • If you are around over break feel free to hang at club

Downtime for yakko 18th-19th

  • sorry </3


  • Next semester we are going to start sending out a newsletter
  • This will go to faculty
  • Let them know what the club is up to, so more people are informed
  • Let them know how many members we recruit, etc.

Coding.com Hackathon:

  • Takes place saturday and sunday.
  • Theme they will be working on is coming up with a way to get people interested in reading terms of service aggreements


  • Sphinx will be here friday if people need help

Meeting Finishes at 6:20PM