02 Apr 2015

Meeting April 2, 2015

Head Count: 23


  • Green Bay packaging in Kalamazoo is looking for an IT employee. Talk to Dr. Trenary for more information.

Dr. Trenary

  • For fall and spring, we may be able to get $1000 per year to distribute to the club as a tuition.
    • The original idea is to give this to the President and Vice President.
    • This takes effect in July, the beginning of the next academic year.
  • This is an incentive to get more people committed.
  • Dr. Trenary would like to get us a logo and other branding.
  • He would like to have workshops, such as dual booting and other things students may need help with.
  • Emily Demorest’s program at the middle school would help us with this.
  • Getting our 501c3 status would also be helpful. It is being worked on right now.
    • 501c4 allows for political advocacy.

Bonzai Tournament

  • The deadline for signup is tomorrow, April 3.
  • This is an artificial intelligence competition that involves writing a competitive game bot.
  • If you are interested, register now. The fee is $10.
  • Sign up here and bring the form to the Computer Science Department office.

PLAN Meeting

  • We need to schedule an after-PLAN meeting.


  • Tomorrow, Friday, April 3, 2015
  • At the next hackathon tomorrow, we will be working on the PLAN website.
  • There will be food.


  • There will be a position opening in the WSA for developing their website.
  • This is a paid position.
  • We should to have as many computer club members as possible applying.


  • UIU CTF put on by Illinois
  • Tomorrow, Friday, 8:00 PM EST for 24 hours.
  • 69 teams have already registered
  • We will be doing this primarily, with the hackathon as an alternative even to participate in.
  • The room will be open at 3:00 PM on Friday.

Hidden Website Things

  • Movie Mondays are open to Computer Club members.
  • Google Analytics is set up.

Recording Talks

  • sink is in charge of recording talks.
  • Does anyone want to help him with setting up recording talks.
  • We just need a good headset right now.


  • We made about $1300 from Spring PLAN 2015.
  • Thanks Hardison!
  • If anyone is interested in being involved in the treasury to help with finances, let us know.
  • We have a lot to discuss at the after PLAN meeting, including when to schedule the next one.
    • We will be opening registration and starting marketing for the next PLAN earlier.

Meeting Agendas webapp

  • Dickweed has created a webapp for adding meeting agenda items.
  • It is on the Minutes section of our website.


  • Sea cow logo products like T-Shirts, stickers, business cards, etc.


  • Election results take effect at the beginning of the next term.
  • There are five constitutional officer positions: President, Executive VP, Secretary, Treasurer, VP of finance.
    • The president is in charge of removing obstacles, being the face of computer club, and delegating tasks.
    • The vice president helps out the president with administration.
    • The secretary is in charge of minutes, and possibly event scheduling in the future.
    • The treasurer is in charge of watching the flow of money.
    • The VP of finance facilitates buying what we need, and proposals to WSA.
    • The sysadmin maintains yakko along with others.
    • The webmaster is in charge of the website and collaboration over it.
    • There is a proposed officer position for outreach.
  • Officers are required to attend meetings and hold office hours.


  • stringy
  • cpg
  • sphinx
  • mobyte

Executive Vice President

  • stringy
  • cpg
  • Hardison
  • sphinx


  • cpg
  • mobyte
  • typo


  • buttercup
  • Zurek
  • pluggles

VP of Finance

  • grizzzly

VP of OPs

  • Hardison

VP of AV

  • sink

Public Relations

  • kami
  • kell


  • TheMind
  • stringy


  • stringy
  • pluggles


  • camtar
  • doby
  • rantao
  • pluggles
  • kell
  • kessler